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Join legendary philosopher and renowned author Ken Wilber for a very special online event.

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If you don’t know who Ken is, let me give you the quick intro. Ken wrote a book called “The Spectrum Of Consciousness” when he was 23 years old. And it’s an incredible book that changed the field of developmental psychology.

Since then, he has written dozens of books about the intersection of psychology, spirituality, philosophy and human potential and evolution. I’ve learned some of the most important mental models and “perspectiving” tools that I know from Ken.

In this free online seminar Ken will expound the most distilled version of his mind-blowing life’s work to date (which is often referred to as ‘a theory of everything’). During this global online event you will learn:

  • The history of human evolution to date as revealed by empirical research
  • The 6 stages of human evolution that have occurred to date
  • The resources that you’ve gained as you’ve grown through each of the 6 stages
  • The 7th stage of human evolution that is occurring in approximately 5% of the world’s population at this very moment
  • Why this new stage of evolution is being called a “massive leap” to a new “teir” of human existence
  • The psychoactive tools you can use to catalyze your own process of evolution and begin to cultivate your own “super” human potential.

event1Register For FREE Superhuman Online Event With Ken Wilber!